Amazing! Estate Agent LED Window Display Can Create Attractive Real Estate Office

Nowadays, more and more real estate agent’s owners pay much attention to decorate their office unique and attractive, due they know the office design will effect the potential customers, business partners, new employees, and even investors.

A successful real estate agent knows the final purpose of all his work is to marketing. So keeping a balance between marketing and designing are very critical, it will make people feel comfortable to sit to reach the agreement.

Potential customers are actually outside the office! how to attract them into your office? here we have some creative ideas for your reference.


Estate agent office outdoor LED boards & signages and Estate agent LED Banners & displays appear enough attractive to people passing by. so please don’t hesitate to design and install led signages and banners outside of your office. they should attract people eyes at the first sight.
So shine and vivid are a must. they show  your company  brand, service and reputation, directly tell people who they are and what to do. real estate outdoor led light box and banners


Use Estate agents LED window display and Estate agent led light pocket to replace the normal A3, A4 printing sticker. 

Most of real estate office window still be sticked with normal A3 A4 printing paper as advertisement, or use a magnetic acrylic sign holders to show the information, although we also produce such holder, I still speak louder it has been old fashioned. Those no lights, very dim and not bright. not easy  to attract people attention. especially in the dark day.

Normal magnetic acrylic sign holder

Sticker In Showcase windows

clear acrylic magnetic frame

Sticker In office wall
Normal wall window display without led light

Hang the Estate agent led window display to make advertising more attractive.

1) The clear acrylic estate agent led light pockets C1 are designed as a slim line magnetic open style frame. It is with bright led glowing edges and come in a range of standard Panel sizes. The estate agent window displays with single sided or double sided poster showing.Real estate agent acrylic led light holder led window display

2) Estate agent window display equipment model C2  has an upscale look. It can position in portrait or in landscape. It suspended from almost invisible low voltage powered cables. Those cables are fitted between floor and ceiling, worked as acrylic led poster holder in the window or interior of your premises.​Christmas transparency acrylic led light hanging real estate agent window led display


Estate agent Free-standing display stand with led light also suitable to put on front of window. It shows house information. Those easels of picture display stand can in black color or white color. A4 display stands are most popular. The acrylic display stand are smart and can move here and there.
Floor signage stand with led lights are energy saving. With magnetic system, it is very easy to change picture. It has become a new Estate agent free standing notice board.floor standing display
Use Estate agent digital signage can display dynamic slidershows, video, provides a wealth of information.
Why use the digital displays ?

1).Real estate advertising is not just attracting potential buyers. it also attract Potential sellers to bring better properties to market.

2). Extra services such as property valuation, digital upgrades or supports. Those stand for the capabilities and knowledge of real estate agents. also need to be public shown and let people know.

3). So many real estate agents begin to use estate agent digital signage display. It can display dynamic slideshows and video. The real estate agent digital window provides a wealth of information. They can show comprehensive overview for the potential objects without having to visit.

4). Due to digital real estate screen display. Your real estate office window became an ideal place to talk directly to the homeowner. Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words. and a video is better than a thousand pictures. you can easily and effectively update your services and ads with digital displays. Videos can attract people attention and provide more information.

real estate window digital displays

What unique features the estate agent digital display has?

Except for above, there are still two unique features with real estate digital display screen.

1). Show your ads whole day through.

Sometimes your office is empty due you need go to the field to view the property. let’s image that customer see an interesting property in your window when your leaving, but now they can only stand in front of the door.

So potential customers go online to find other interesting properties. or worse, he finds the same property on your competitors!

With the Estate agent digital window displays, Real estate agents can get in touch with customers without having to talk face to face.

2).Share your reference.

The property is successfully sold or rented. Another satisfied customer look forward to his new home. Real estate agents should record this special moment. these successful cases can shown via the window display. Another option is to use online customer reviews on the screen. Satisfied customer opinions create transparency and trust.

The above are some suggestions about real estate front window decoration. we will introduce more design of the exterior wall, the Reception and its background wall. Please keep an eye  on us, don’t walk away, it comes right away.


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