Reasons for Dead LED lamps on Cable estate agent LED window display light pocket poster frames

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Sometimes when you buy and install real estate LED window display light pocket poster frames, dead led lights would appear after a period of usage, do you know the reason and how to solve it? 

The dead light mentioned here is led light of backlit real estate signs not light up any more. If you don’t know the works of Estate agent LED window display, it may be more difficult to deal with. However, LITPLUS engineer Mr Li here talking some reasons that caused the dead light of real estate display boards for your reference.

First, the quality of the lamp bead chip and the bracket material used for interactive real estate window display can cause the dead light.The usage of bad quality and inferior LEDs will greatly increase the probability of dead light in led real estate window display light pockets. LEDs are composed of various materials, such as brackets, gold wires, chips, glues, etc. If any of these materials perform unstable, May cause the dead lights of real estate window signs.

Second, the LEDs lamp bead or line on the serial-parallel circuit board disconnected so that no current get through, then causes the dead LEDs in the inner of real estate window advertising brokerage signs wall display. The LED window displays LEDs lamp bead or line disconnection on the serial-parallel circuit board will affect the works  of the whole segment of the LED lamp of electronic real estate signs. Since the low working voltage on LED lamp of real estate listing display, it is generally connected in series and parallel to adapt to different working voltages. The more LED lamps are connected in series, the greater impacting on LEDs. as long as there is a led light or an internal connection in one of the lines, the entire string of LEDs in the series circuit will not light up any more.

Third, static electricity on real estate digital signage window display damaged the LED chip and cause dead led lights. Static electricity of window digital display is extremely harmful, and there are countless electronic components damaged by static electricity all over the world. Therefore, it is key to prevent static electricity from damaging electronic components, any problems in the link will damage to the LEDs, and cause the dead LEDs, even broken whole LEDs performance. 

Fourth, the wiring connecting errors will causes the LEDs burn out and dead LEDs happen. 

If you do not understand how to connect the wirings of the led real estate window display, and directly connecting it with 220V power, it will burn the whole LEDs . At this time, you need to replace a new LED light strip. Therefore, it is important to understand the specific parameters of the led light strip before wiring, If you are not sure, please ask for help from electrician in time, then to avoid unnecessary losses.  if only the led lights not bright up, it may be caused by the power supply, the positive and negative poles of the power supply are reversed, and the wrong line is connected. In this case, it is necessary to check the correction and connect it again.

5. During packaging, transportation and installation, physical damage causes dead LED

During the packaging, transportation and installation of the real estate window display, it may damage LEDs of backlit window display due various physical damages, so that the dead lights happen on real estate led window displays.

There are several reasons for the LED light bar dead light, so you should pay more attention to

the selection and usage in the future. For the maintenance of the real estate led window display, you can also look at the another article “ Real Estate window display now work, how to repair? ” hope to help everyone. If you want to know more real estate window display information, please continue to pay attention to our website articles.