The first step: Fasten the rail on the top of window or ceiling

Fasten The Rail On The Window 3
Banana Screw
Rail Connection

1.Mark the holes positions on the support if need for dowels(not supplied)

  • When measuring the rail, do not forget to include the end caps and joints in the total length.
  • In case the rail needs to be cut, ensure that no metallic particles remain behind.


  • The size of the hole must not be larger than the size of the screw.
  • Plan for at least two screws per section.
  • If drilling additional holes, be sure to remove all metallic particle residue.
  • If the drill holes aren't positioned in the right places, make additional holes in the rail using a drill and a steel bit. Ensure that the fixture heads of the cable do not touch the fixture screw heads.

2. Drill the support(wall or ceiling) and install the anchors(not included)

3. In the case of assembling a single track: we have assemble 1meter long rail completely before factory, just to fasten it on the window will ok.

In the case of assembling two or more tracks:

1)Fix to the support with M5 OR ST4.8 screws, the rail to which the power cord is plugged.

2)Plug two banana joints into the next rail.

The second step: assembling the cables

Screw The Head
Get The Cable Through
Tight The Cable
  • Loosen the screw from the nosecone.
  • Press on the sides of the screw and insert cable through the nosecone.
  • Let go of the screw to maintain the cable at the desired height.
  • Tighten the screw back onto the nosecone.
  • Cut the cables.

The third step: Connect the pairs of slider kits (fixations) to the tracks

install the slider kits
install Slider kits
Fasten The Rail On The Window 4
  • Push the slider until its shoulder touch the open.
  • Turn the slider until it stops. must fixed so top part is not visible from bottom view.
  • Connect XPR power cord, Ensure the correct connection between the tracks.
  • Plug-in the main power supply cable(on a 60W,90W or 150W power supplier or connected to a v power box).

The forth step: Connect the window display with cables

Install The Display
Slight Adjust The Slider Kits
Balance Hang The Window Display
Install The Short Cable
Connect The Second Window Display
Complete The Install
  • Measure the distance between two hanging holes of window display.
  • Slight adjust the distance between 2 slider kits to make it suitable for the display.
  • Install the window display, and then measure its balance with balance tool, slight adjust the cable to keep the window display in balance hang.
  • Install the short cable below the window display, and then hang the second window display.



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5.can be used as both single side and double side meantime.

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back with poster.


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