pure new acrylic for real estate window display

How to choose a qualified acrylic Estate agent LED window display?

You have some good Estate agent window display templates and need to buy some acrylic Estate agent LED window displays and LED window display cable kits and printing paper film to light up your brand and service in your office window. then you land google, input ” Estate agent led window display or window display pockets or estate agent shop window fittings ” , start to google it.  tens of thousands acrylic window display boards comes to you.  most of them are all suitable for your estate agent window card template, some of them are really good estate agent window display ideas. you found those similar cable display systems and real estate window display are a huge difference in price. you don’t know what to do. 

feel headache to choose led window display

As the professional manufacturer for LED real estate window display, we now tell you some smart methods to choose a  qualified acrylic interactive real estate window display.

Let’s start from its basic material — Acrylic. that is the basic cost for real estate display boards.

Acrylic sheet production process and classification

From acrylic production process, there are two kinds acrylic sheet, they are pure new material acrylic plate and recycled material recycling board clear acrylic sheet

1. The pure new material acrylic plate is the cast plate, it is finished in the process of sheet metallization, It has extremely high strength and UV function. The field service life is more than 5 years or even 10 years. During the application period, the color has always been bright and new.

high quality acyrlic light guide plate

2. Acrylic also has a kind of recycled material, which is made by reclaiming acrylic, there is no difference in quality from the new acrylic. However, the acrylic sheet itself not high in purity, and the quality and function are poor.

recycle acrylic sheet

How to judge them? 

Pure new material clear acrylic sheet has below characters:

  • The light transmittance is greater than 92%, and the cross section is bright and colorless.
  • Excellent anti-UV function, no fading, no loss of light, no yellowing, no cracking in the field for 5-8 years.
  • High hardness, equal with the aluminum and brass.
  • Excellent resistance to cracking and chemical resistance .
  • High quality protective film.

pure new acrylic for real estate window display

2. Recycled material recycling board clear acrylic sheet:

  • The light transmittance is less than 86%, and the cross section is yellowed.
  • The anti-ultraviolet function is very poor. It will yellow at most for half a year, and it will appear cracks under the sun.
  • low hardness and easy to scratch
  • Brief cracking
  • The quality of the protective film is low, and it is easy to age and change


The final identification method:

1. Return to the new material regeneration board:

  • The appearance of the recycled board is yellow.
  • The appearance is slightly scratched, and the incision is affected by the smell.
  • Bubble deformation occurs briefly during thermoforming heating.
  • Sensitive to paint and ink, showing a silver streak or crack.
  • When incinerating, foaming declares black smoke and affects the smell.

2. Pure new material acrylic plate:

  • The appearance of the recycled board is pure, especially from the cross section.
  • Excellent appearance hardness and scratch resistance, and the cut does not affect the smell.
  • Bubbles and deformation do not occur when thermoforming is heated.
  • It is stable to paint and ink.
  • When burning, no blistering, no black smoke, no effect on the odor.

To choose a qualified acrylic LED window display, except for above acrylic material, there are still some other elements need to consider, like LED light strip quality, workmanship, package, etc, those we will write in detail in the future, kindly follow up our blogs.


Hope above acrylic knowledge help to choose the high quality real estate led window display and find out the best LED window display supplier from China.