In short, LED real estate window displays manufacturing can be easy:

You have a LED window display design or window display idea, and we will make it into real backlit window displays for you.

However, in the real estate window display production end, we as a window display manufacturing factory have to consider lots of things such as:

1. Acrylic material choice, new material pouring acrylic or recycling material acrylic.

2. The technology of LED light panel using, UV silk screen light guide plate, laser spot light guide plate or line engraved light guide plate.

3. LED light choice, like LED color, LED brightness, LEDs quantity per meter.

4. LED Window display installation, visual size, poster sizes and outer display sizes, weight, production lead time, interactive real estate window display quality inspection.

5. Backlit window displays packaging and private labelling.

6. Import tax and VAT, international delivery,... ect.

Click if you want to know more about the detailed window display mfg process.

You probably find it too complicated, BUT DON'T WORRY, LITPLUS's one stop window displays manufacturing solution make it easier, just tell us your requirements and we will do all the rest for you.

Please follow the following guidelines and tell us your requirements!


Step 1: Tell us your window sizes, Prepare your window display design and installation drafting, like how many pcs as a column? how many columns totally need? we also have prepared some popular window display design and installation templates, your own design format is always welcome too.

Check all our models real estate window signs, and choose a model you like, all the models window displays can be customized. for example, want a special display sizes, want  sharp corner or round corner, need a special boarder color, with or w/o the transparent hem, need to print your label on the window frame ... ect.


The on-line window display business or the site window display show is mostly design-driven and your creative installation design matters a lot. Prepare a series of unique window display designs using our real estate window display installation template.


A customize window display helps to deep into impression for your advertising.  label or logo printing on the window display frame helps build trust and awareness of your brand. It is recommended to present your logo and slogan on window display frame. 


Customize real estate display boards frame color, we use pantone color reference to ensure color accuracy, convert your RGB or CMYK colors into pantone colors. normal color are black color and silver color or grey color. the start order is 100pcs. free of color fee. 


Step 2: Confirm your order details of each acrylic folder sizes, in landscape or in portrait, double sided or single sided display, quantities.


Quantity influences price a lot. Confirm your ordering quantity for different window display design models and sizes. MOQ(minimum order quantity) varies with different display designs and sizes.


Our default acrylic light guide plate is new material pouring acrylic sheet with line engraved technology processing,Light transmittance is greater above 92%, prove to have a good performance. 


We take size reference seriously to ensure our custom-made LED(LCD) window displays fit your window perfectly, click the button below to see our guideline on custom display size reference.


Step 3: Samples will be made according to your design and sent to you for approval.

For custom acrylic LED window display manufacturing, sampling fee will be charged to cover our cost of cutting-machine setting and polishing-machine preparation, but quality samples are always free of charge and only delivery fee will be charged.

3.1 Pay for the sampling fee, Paypal and wire transfer accepted;

3.2 LedWindowDisplay will start sampling and it takes 3-5 days;

3.3 Sample illuminated window signs will be sent to you via express service and LedWindowDisplay will wait for your approval;

3.4 Revisions will be made if you are not satisfied with the sample;

Custom display system led light pockets with glowing edges


Step 4: Pay xx% upfront

piggy bank pay upfront bulk display manufacturing

Towards to reach a satisfying business:

We will send over a Proforma Invoice for your purchase.

– For existing customers, we have flexible payment terms.

– For new customers, an deposit of 30-50% of total value should be paid upfront so that we can start preparing for bulk window display production.

L/C at sight available for big custom window display manufacturing orders.

We understand that you may feel at risk at this stage, actually we have concerns, too. Factory visit is always welcomed so that we can build mutual trust towards satisfying business.


Step 5: Bulk production starts and we will take care of everything, production takes within 7 days(for order below 200pcs), 10-18days(200pcs-1000pcs),negotiation(for order above 1000pcs) .
The window display production process is almost the same as that in the sampling stage and here are some more details:


Our professional designer will draft a CAD picture according to your custom display design. cutting team will translate this drafting into machine codes so that the cutting machine can read and cut out the acrylic sheet as your window display faceplate and light guide plate.


LGP is light guide plate, the processing technology on the surface of acrylic LGP we now have are silk screen, laser spot, and line engraved. our default is laser spot acrylic light guide plate and line engraved LGP. due such led light panel can work at least 10years. silk screen light guide plate only work 2 years. 


Engraving machine polish the boarder of acrylic light guide plate into a wide bevel edge at a 45 degree angle or a smooth round edge.curving grooves on surface of LGP for installing LED light strip and Ballast. last drilling holes around frame of LGP for magnetics. 



When curving the grooves well, it is time to install the led light strip into it, as well as the ballast, a good quality ballast can keep a stable LED light effect performance for a long time. 


Frame normal color are in black and in silver, custom colors printing allow, the printing purpose is to hidden LED light, preventing LED lamp beads seen from the front cover of window display. 


Use white emission film or high-gloss photographic paper as reflective film, stick it to light-shading plate.converting edge lights into back lights. Stick metal pieces on display cover's printing boarder for magnetics.


Finally install side hardware hangers on edge of window display. the installed hooks place has been engraved well by engraving machine when in the step of boarder polishing.


Step 6: Pay the balance. Custom window display manufacturing is completed and your order are ready for lading!

pay the blance


Step 7: Your order of window display will be shipped. Final step of displays manufacturing
Relax and just wait for the window display to come, we can also help with custom clearance.


Sea shipping is the most economical way for international delivery, especially for bulk window display manufacturing.


Special logistics line (by air) to Europe and USA while taking care of import tax and VAT; 8-12 days of delivery time. 


Train delivery to Europe and Middle-Asia. 1/3 delivery time of sea shipping, 1/4 delivery fee of air shipping. economic shipping. 


Fastest & Costly, we use express delivery to send samples and small amount of window displays to clients for review.

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The LP-TWO designed with a slightly lighted edge and maximum brightness behind the printed insert. hot selling points:

1.Can be rectangle or round shape or banner

2.Magnetic open system

3. Utilizes a fully-interchangeable screw end cable system which can be displayed both in portrait and landscape direction in seconds.

4.can match different format on same column

5.can be used as both single side and double side meantime.

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The LP-SIX is an improvement of LP-TWO and LP-FIVE, two different hanging methods can be realized in this model, the cable can be hidden on the side of display, also can be hang like model LP-TWO

hot selling points:

1.Magnetic open system

2.Can match A3 portrait and A4 landscape on the same column.

3.Can be used as both single and double side

4. Two different hanging methods.

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The LP-THREE display is designed with illuminated beveled edge outlining its chrome border. hot selling points

1.Its' inter-panel teardrop fixture system allows you to mix and match different formats, portrait or landscape on the same column.

2.Can be used both single and double sided.

3.Magnetic open system

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Digital Displays

Thickness:20mm acrylic sheet

Double side design: front with vedio,

back with poster.


Support Android,Wifi


Dual orientation horizontal/vertical

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The LP-FOUR designed with backside hang hardwares allow the cable go behind of selling points

1.Can sharp corner or round corner

2.With or without transparent hem

3.Screw open system

4.Allow you to mix and match different formats,portrait or landscape on same column

 5.Can be used both single and double sided.

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Wall mounted Window Backlit Display

Indoor wall lit display panels is used to decorate the office interior wall.different sizes frames available

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The LP-FIVE is an improvement of LP-TWO, with hidden side mounting hardware to hide the cable well on the edges of display and display all of LED panels on same column. hot selling points:

1.Hidden cable with hidden mounting device

2.Sharp corner or round corner

3.Magnetic open system

4.Can be used as single side display and double side display

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Sharp and stunning. The LP-ONE has an evenly illuminated beveled edge outlining its chrome border. hot selling points:

1.Can sharp corner or round corner

2.With or without transparent hem

3.Magnetic open system

4.Can match A3 portrait and A4 landscape on the same column.

5.Single sided version and double sided version.

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