As a one stop service supplier on digital signage business area, LITPLUS developed a new serial high light advertising window digital screen for shop window , this serial including 3 different type, 2500nits single sides display, 2500nits+500nits double sides window lcd display and 1500nits+500nits super slim design digital window display.

    Those models all support horizontal and vertical installation mode, content management program to manage all the displays via network, they are all Sunlight readable design, let advertising business become more easy and attractive.

    LITPLUS produce 3 types of high light retail window advertising screen. The first types of the retail shop window display is double sided digital signage advertising screen for shop window, which has ultra slim thickness, it configured 2.5cm size of thickness, and with 1.8cm bezel.It comes with all aluminum material design with high efficient heat dissipation,support multi-ways of ceiling ,portrait ceiling or landscape ceiling.

    One side equipes with 1500 nits of brightness ,which is facing outside of the digital window display screens to make it visible under sunshine, the other side build up with 500 nits of brightness which is keeping fittable brightness for users watching.

    The second types of the retail shop window display is dual sided screen of retail digital signage with thick thickness, the side facing outside can be much more bright , which is able to up to 2500 nits ,And the other one side facing inside configured 700 nits of brightness.

    All of these upgrading than the slim model is absolutely make the retail window LCD better working in the actual application. For thick model , it still used all aluminum design as the metal case.with high efficient heat dissipation.

    And the third type is the single side digital window displays, This model can be up to 5000 nits maximum. It equips with low power consumption and high efficient heat. Besides, we can provide good prices and cloud service for CMS for free .

    We have the professional technical team to support you if you have any questions for our products. They can speak fluent english with you online or face to face.