Welcome to the LED WINDOW DISPLAY FAQS,Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions for all our LED products

A4 A3 Hanging Acrylic Real Estate Agent Led Holder Illuminated Poster Frame Window Led Sign Display

Q1: Can I use any type of paper in the LP  Real Estate Window Led Display? 

A1: Any kind of Paper will ok, but a kind of special paper will with better effect. see our paper range online. 

-For laser printer

Specifically designed for use with laser printers, the 100g backlit translucent film provides excellent powder adhesion and enhances the printed images producing a brilliantly smooth appearance. No need to choose a particular side, printing is possible on both sides, just like ordinary white paper.

– For Inkjet printer

Specifically designed for use with ink-jet printers, the PE Backlit film provides excellent ink adhesion and enhances the printed images producing a brilliantly smooth appearance. Please notice to print on the matt side, leave it dry.

Q2: Do I need an electrician to install LED window display? 

A2: It is not must to find an electrician to install if you master little electrical knowledge, can freely handle the normal household electricity. all the display is working with low voltage(only DC12V,OR DC24V)

Q3: Can I install my own LED window display? 

A3:Yes,it is easy with our user installation guide.

Q4: Do you provide product samples? 

A4:Yes, we can provide a sample kit (inlcuding 0.3m rail, 1pc x A4panel,1pair x hang kits,1pc x power supply)for testing, just with its basic cost. 

Q5: Are the window led display panels double-sided? 

A5:Yes, it can be used both double faces and single side face, there will paper at one of face, take it off when you want use it to be double faces, magnetic face makes inserting photos quick and easy. 

Q6: Can different sizes panel be combined in the same column? 

A6:Yes, different sizes can be combined in a column with the unique hanging system. also can make banner at the top and other sizes at the bottom to hang together. 

Q7: How long the cable connect with the hanging kits(slider kits)? 

A7:Normally the cable length is 1.5meter long. can customize to make it according to the actual usage.

Q8: What is the warranty for real estate window led display? 

A8:We supply 36 months warranty on window display and its parts. 

Q9: What brightness those led window display can reach? 

A9:2 different brightness available, one is normal brightness, reach around 5000lux, the other is high brightness, can reach above 7000lux. 

Q10: Hong long before I receive my order? 

A10:All in-stock orders will ship within 1-3days after receiving your confirming order. An out-of-stock order will usually ship within 5-7days. A custom order will ship within 7-10days. 

Q11: Will you provide window design service? 

A11:We will work with you and design a FREE window display solution that best utilizes the available space within your premises, ensuring the end result not only looks great but also works hard for your business. You simply send us the dimensions and a snapshot of your windows, and we’ll propose an option that is designed specifically to your needs. 

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