Deeper Look Into Estate Agent Window Display

Estate Agent Window Display Overview 

Some estate agents owners said that more and more users are sourcing the real estate information on line, then why I have to buy estate agent window display to decorate my office? it is true that more and more user are sourcing the house information from internet, but most of them will come to your office to sign the contract. your office environment will very important for them, it will more professional to show your brand and increase the customer trust if you use the led window display cable kit and window display pockets there, due those acrylic led light panel will make your office outstanding, finally enhance to reach the business agreement.

sourcing house internet and sign contract in office

Estate agent window display is a clear edge lit acrylic magnetic sandwich board, with led lights and cable hanging system, such window display boards can be hang in the windows, and the backlit window displays be visible for passing trade 24/7, in order to achieve maximum results and turn passers-by into customers, Every Estate agents try their best to decorate their office with more unique esta

te agent window display ideas in hoping get more traffic and increasing their sales finally.


Acrylic Window Displays Sandwich Systems

Cable Display Systems

estate agent window display lighting effect in daytime and night


So multiple usage estate agent window display were produced for multiple ways satisfy estate agents display their rental or sale properties as real estate window advertising, as well as their opening times or relevant news .

Cable hanging system

wall mounted display

stand display -2

Cable display systems 

With hanging cable wire system, those led real estate window display can be suspended in their window as interactive real estate window display to attract people attention.

ROD display 

With display rod or wall mounted fasteners, those real estate display boards can be fasten on the wall as estate agents wall mounted led window display panels;

Light up window display 

With the floor standing, those plexiglass window displays will be fasten on the standing floor as Estate agent freestanding led display. 

Hanging backlit real estate office window displays are innovative product in recent year. with window display cable systems, those acrylic window display are hung on the front showcase window with different estate agent window display templates. those hanging window display frames can form different window display design and real estate window signs. with rails, they are very easy for led window display installation.

Estate agent  window display systems

A4 A3 Hanging Acrylic Real Estate Agent Led Holder Illuminated Poster Frame Window Led Sign Display Real-Estate-Led-Light-Panel-Display New-Model-Real-Estate-Window-Led Real-Estate-Transparent-Led-Display






Real-Estate-Window-Led-Display-Manufacturer Real-Estate-Led-Open-Sign Real-Estate-Wall-Led-Dislays Floor-Stand-Real-Estate-Window-Display



Wall mounted DisplaysC3

C4Free-standing Displays 

More real estate window display template available: 

Real-Estate-Agent-Acrylic-LED-Folders-Poster-Sign-Frames-Backlit-Window-Displays Real-estate-agent-hang-acrylic-led-window-sign-display Hot-Selling-Real-estate-led-window-display-led-poster-frame-led-light-sign Immobilier-Vitrine-Media-Acrylic-Led-Listing-Signs-Frame-Board-Led-Window-Displays





More wall mounted real estate window display poster frame available: 

Floor-Stand-Real-Estate-Led-Light-pocket Floor-Stand-Real-Estate-Window-Display Floor-Stand-Real-Estate-Led-Poster-Frame Floor-Stand-Led-Light-Frame


More floor stands window display available: 

Real-Estate-Window-Led-Display-Manufacturer Real-Estate-Led-Open-Sign Real-Estate-Wall-Led-Dislays Floor-Stand-Real-Estate-Window-Display



Wall mounted DisplaysC3

C4Free-standing Displays 

Estate Agent Window Display FAQ

How do I make a outstanding estate agent window display?

Estate agent window display is the first impression that make you to bargain business with people quickly, so it is very important to make a outstanding led window displays.

Keeping led real estate window display clear, professional and up to date is a crucial work that every estate agents have to do in the future everyday, due the housing information are changed so dramatically. it really can bring people much more happiness when just seeing a new house adverts and then get bid of it.

You should display your amazing houses and promotions on estate agent backlit window displays, thus can attract more attention. show them what they need actually, in this way, even people who may not be looking to move home also will stop and have a look. making them likely to come back when the time for them to vie arises.

What products are best for estate agent windows?

It is a key to make use of your limited space. many estate agents office locates on street cross corners where have a great window display that can be seen from two or more roads. Cable window displays are perfect for estate agents.

Our cable kits window displays can be suspended from your ceiling or wall to display A1, A2, A3 or A4 adverts. they create a clean and professional display hanging on your windows to be viewed by passing-by and customers inside. the clear acrylic led light pocket can have a double sided display and double sided poster frame.a3 window display are most popular with user. 

Cable display kits are also available with built in LED. this is the best POS solution for round the clock advertising or the darker winter evenings. not only will your whole estate agent window display and housing adverts stand out, but your whole premises will shine bright along the street, making you as the focal point of everyones attention.

A cable display kit backlit real estate signs is an absolute must for any estate agent window display or showcase.


What content should I have in my window ?

You should set up several real estate portfolio options as the current best investment cases shown  in your window. In this way, when people see it and still haven’t figured out how to choose, your estate agent window display advertising have first given them the choice, and will let them generate buying impulses in a short time.

You also should have high-end, low-end, rental, sales, STC and non-residential properties in the LED real estate window display as much as possible. A wide range of choices show that you can give them more choices, your profession will make them trust you more, and ultimately help them find the right real estate.

When edit each individual ads, you should edit at least one image of target house along with a price and a small summary. Make the ads read more interesting and let people want to know more from your estate agent listing window display.

Your cable window displays also show your opening hours and contact details. Make sure all your connection methods can find you on time. At 7pm on Tuesday, a passerby sees a dream house via your flashing ads real estate signs led light pocket, so call you, make sure your number get through, this will help you build this business relationship.

What information shall I put in different size window display for my estate agent ?

Generally, you can select a clear acrylic illuminated estate agent window display light pockets size of A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 in the landscape or in portrait. and print those posters on backlit paper in different sizes. 

A1 size is 845H x 625W.The A1 is perfect for your estate agent window display. You can place an A1 or two A1s in the middle of the window, which will create a focus that you can print window display paper with special logos, add your company name, phone number and website or any message that can make your window shopper or The photo is taken from a distance.

A2 size is 600H x 450W. A2 display are good for long-range impact, but A2 is smaller than A1 and sometimes more practical in windows.

A3 is (425H x 330W).Some people use an A3 Landscape pocket to display two A4 portraits pockets side by side, although there are better ways to do this. A3 portraits are not widely used, I don’t think they look as good as the A3 landscape list.

A4 is 305H x 235W,A single pocket look very effective and evenly distributed across the window, although this is the most expensive configuration of window displays because these pockets use the most accessories.Another more efficient and cost effective way of displaying A4 Portraits is to use the Double A4 Portrait Pockets.

Window Displays are widely used by Real Estate Agencies however these displays can be used for a variety of retail applications, basically anybody with a window!