Detailed LED Estate Agent Window Displays Manufacturing Process

LED estate agent window displays manufacturing is not a high-tech industry producing, but it involves many detailed processes. Each section of its production must coordinate with each other to ensure estate agent window display quality requirements and time-controlling. In this post we will talk about real estate LED window display manufacturing process in detail.

Overview of LED estate agent window displays manufacturing process

The following image shows how LED estate agent window displays and cable display systems are manufactured in a typical led display light box factory in China.

Detailed LED Estate Agent Window Display Manufacturing Process

The whole real estate window display manufacturing process does involve many sections, and the coordination between these sections makes the whole process time-consuming. Sorting out all sections above, there are overall 7 sections that we will mainly talk about as follows:

  1. Acrylic sheet cutting
  2. Acrylic LGP(light guide plate) making
  3. Boarder Polishing
  4. LED light strip installing
  5. Window frame  silk printing
  6. Reflective film sticking
  7. Hang hooks installing

1. Acrylic sheet cutting

What our clients provide us are the estate agent window display(card) template or estate agent window display ideas and designs, however acrylic cutting and drilling machine are not intelligent enough to read those templates or designs directly. A professional sample designer team who are familiar with CAD picture drawing and cutting mechanism will do this job. They will transfer your drafting designs date into bitmap designs and then codes that the cutting and drilling machines can read. Every pixel of the bitmap design means a blade with the specific notch will be curved out.

In Europe, the normal real estate led window display light pockets sizes are A4, A3, A2, A1, customized sizes accept, A4, A3, A2, A1 size of LED light pocket means the window display poster film paper size are A4(210x297mm), A3(297x420mm), A2(420x594mm), A1(594x841mm)  respectively. it is different from the window display boards visual size and the backlit window display outer sizes, the visual size and the outer real estate window display sizes will larger. during of them, A3 illuminated window display are hot selling size.

In USA and Canada, the standard poster film paper for Real estate led display boards are 8.5 inch  x 11 inch (216x279mm) , 11 inch x 17 inch(279mm x 430mm) , this size will little different.

Acrylic led window display CAD picture and its frame cutting by cutting machine

2. Acrylic LGP(light guide plate) making

LGP(light guide plate) is the key to real estate led window display card systems, the acrylic quality and the making technology of LGP will effect window display brightness and usage life-span. good quality LGP will light up the whole window display with much brightness. we wrote a post on how to choose a qualified acrylic sheet for your LED window display.

How to choose a qualified acrylic Estate agent LED window display?

We have also written a post about the process technology in making LGP(light guide plate) and we suggest using the line engraved acrylic light guide plate and laser spot led light panel for your real estate LED window display.

What are LGP(LED light guide plate) for LED Window Display?

3. Acrylic led light panel Boarder Polishing

This step should follow up with the first step closely in fact, when cutting machine cut the acrylic sheet well, immediately after, the engraving machine come out to curve grooves on surface of light guide plate for installing LED light strip and ballast. and drill holes around the boarder of LGP for magnetics. at last, polish the acrylic led light panel boarder into a wide bevel edge at 45 degree angle or a smooth round edge. that will add a special light edge to each real estate led light pockets to make it more shine and attractive. A3 window display are popular with user.

LED window display frame boarder polishing

4. LED light strip installing,  as well as the magnetics

Engraving machine makes a groove around the boarder of LGP(light guide plate), we need to put the led light strip into the grooves and connect them well with the ballast. this process is complete done by manual work, which costs a lot of time. Since the led light strips need to be connected with the ballast via manual welding one by one, our skilled workers can easily test the connection and find defectives led strip lights and clear them away from the majority, which is the 2nd inline-inspection. can totally make sure every hanging window display frame work bright before leaving factory.  after that, stick white film tape on top of the groove to hide led light strip.

Another manual work is put the mini magnetics into the holes that have been drilled around the boarder of light guide plate, use the tool to deeply press those mini magnetics into the holes,  to make sure it in the right place to absorb the metal pieces installed in the faceplate of acrylic window display tightly. a real pure manual works it is!

Led Window Display Led Light Strip Installing

5. Display frame silk printing & private labelled

The purpose of silk printing the frame boarder of ROD LED window display is,  to hidden the led light strip installed around of the LED light guide plate, preventing LED lamp beads be seen from the front cover when it is on light. as you see, those led lamp beads are too bright to make people eyes feel not very comfortable when see it directly.

The normal frame color for plexiglass window displays are in black and in silver, custom colors printing are acceptable, we will make sure the colors according to the Pantone color number.

Private label will also be silk screen on the window display frames if there needed. you can choose custom label or logo to label your real estate office window displays to enhance your brand and service .

LED Window Display Frame Color UV Silk Printing

6.Reflective film sticking

Use white emission film or high-gloss photographic paper as reflective film, stick it to light-shading plate(the backside of LGP) with double side adhesive sticker. the purpose of this step is to successfully convert edge lights of backlit real estate signs into back lights of led real estate window displays, then light up the advertising poster, that is the core works of LED light window displays.

Reflective Film for LED Estate Agent Window Display

7. Hanging hardware installing

The last step is to install side hanging hardware hangers for each LED light folder. it is also the final inspection step to see if there is any deflection on the window displays. when the hardware hanger be fixed on each window displays, will test light again to see if they are connect well and get the power through.

led estate agent window display hardware installing



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