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Custom Window Display Ideas Design Template for Visual Merchandising – Free Downloads

LITPLUS make OEM Real estate window displays LED light pocket, and we receive window display designs directly from our clients. However, sometimes the designs are not easy to read thus lead to misunderstandings and wasted time and work.

Recently we have been asked many times for a custom LED window display design template, and finally, we got our whole Custom Window Display Design Template and Sketch done, we hope it will save our clients a lot of time and effort, especially for newly start-ups, and of course, you are always free to use your original types of window display templates.

The Custom LED Window Display Design Template Kit

Our specially-customized cable window display design template kit contains the following files:

  • 0_Custom_Window_Display _Design_Guidelines;
  • 1_Display_Size_Design.ai;
  • 2_Display_Corner_Design_Mockup.ai;
  • 3_Brand_Design.ai;
  • 4_Order_Details_Confirmation.xlsx

Real Estate Window Display Design Template Free Download


This is actually a shortcut and redirects to our post on the guidelines of custom LED Window Display design, make sure you follow the suggestions before you work on your custom window display design on your windows.

  • Measure your window size (width x high )
  • Refer to our reference window display design templates, see if there any suitable.
  • Welcome the custom window display design forever. 1meter long rail can hang 2 columns A3 pockets in landscape or A4 folders in portrait. or 1 column A1, A2 panel.


The window display lightbox size is the first thing that you want to put your hands on. Create your unique patterns here. during the creating, mainly make clear three different sizes: poster size, visual size and outer display size.  and then move on to the window LED display corner design.

Window Display Size Template


There are sharp corner and round corner for Estate agent LED window display available.

  1. Sharp corner with or without transparent hem
  2. Round corner with or without the transparent hem.

Display corner Style



Just send us your brand In PDF or AI form in high definition. we don’t need the brand design at sampling stage,eighther. we just need it before bulk production.

logo of century 21


The order confirmation spreadsheet is important because it shows all the details of your order, such as ordering quantity, display size, shipping conditions, etc.

End: Download the custom window display design template!

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If you would have any questions regarding custom LED window display manufacturing, leave a comment below and we will be very pleased to help!