Judy Chen

    Advice, Design, Sales

    Jack Liu

    Producing Manager,Shenzhen Rep

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    Factory and Showroom address:

    Building # 5, Cui Gang Industrial Park

    1th, Fuyong Street, Bao'an District,


    More Sale Representatives please contact Head Office for further details 

    "The quality of the folders and the finish of horizontal rod were superior to what we had previously. I was extremely grateful that everything from this supplier happened exactly as discussed from the quality of the design, costing, scheduling and delivery. the project run better than I expected."

    Russell O' Porke     Hanwick Properties 

    "Our new office stands out at night better than any of other agents on the road, I am extremely happy with the displays and will definitely use display again when we open our next office."

    -Christopher, 21 Century Properties

    "Thanks for supplying me the high quality led folders, extremely pleased with those folders, looking forward to making another order from you, all the best to your company! please say thank you to all of your staff who work hard for this order." 

    -James Chan, WYE RESIDENTIAL