It is some kind of special translucent material allows light to pass through from the backside of the banner, when printing the photo on, it making the graphics vivid at night.

*Double matta face, 125microns, support laser printer printing only.
*Single matta face, 140microns, support both laser printer and ink jet printer.
*Single matta face, 125microns, support ink jet printer only.
* A3, A4, 8.5x11, 11x14 size available.
* 100sheets/pack, or 50sheets/pack
*Support color paper package


What is Backlit paper ?
Backlit paper also called PET backlit film, backlit film sheet, or backlit photo printing paper, this backlit paper material is some kind of transparency printing translucent backlit paper for jet ink printing, it is a great way to show product or service advertising graphics when put it on the front of surface of led light panel at night time. there are natura backlit film and dura tex backlit film.The translucent backlit paper movie poster material allows light to pass through the window display, making the graphics more vividly.

Backlit paper is a kind of special backlit photo printing material using special coating on PET to achieve printing purpose.  it is for photo transparency printing and duratrans printing, top quality white PET substrate primer and Eco-solvent glossy coating to present vivid images.

normal backlit paper Vs backlit paper

How the backlit paper works ?
The light diffusion coating enables the printing to be illuminated uniformly and vividly across the sheet without paper shadow or any dark spots that are appeared on ordinary paper. Though the film is flexible for easy printing, it is stiffer than normal paper, which helps to insert and position the sheet in the display systems.

Backlit Paper
backlit paper best for led window display
backlit paper

Due to the material features of Polyester, it is more durable and resistant against heat, moisture, and UV daylight, which enables you to display the print for longer terms than normal paper. no worry to transform due the weather.

backlit film for led wndow display

If you are using a local printing shop for your LED window display card, you can benefit even more by using our Backlit Film. Firstly, you can simply and quickly print your design on our Backlit Film sheet by using your office printers, which enables you to save the order processing and delivery time from your printing partner. Secondly, you won’t need to pay the high printing cost to your printing partner either. As a result, you can save your time and money by more than 80% using our Backlit Film products.

dates for our backlit paper film

Here are helpful tips about how to get the best result.
Suppose you are using inkjet printers or laser printers, print on the matte white side by setting Photo quality or best quality mode. But if you are using Laser copiers , firstly try the matte white side and see the result. If the result is not successful or acceptable, you may give it a second try on the backside with Transparent / Document mode. (80% of Laser copiers are excellently printable on the white matte side, while the rest are workable on the backside.) Then, within 2 or 3 trials with some different printing modes, you would be able to find the best printing result.


Backlit Inkjet PET Film


  • Estate agent window display backlit paper is specially designed to make the window poster more bright and vivid.
  • The backlit printing services including the backlit menu board printing allow you to print your graphics or picture on your own printer, supporting Ink Jet and Laser Printers.
  • Our backlit paper film for lightbox can guarantee the window display the best showing effect to attract new visitors to your office.


  • The translucent movie posters backlit  window film paper allows the light to get through, via the digital backlit printer, the backlit transparency printing can generate a bright vivid colored images easy for eye-catching.
  • Light up your images on backlit photo display with this special backlit paper,  Bring your potential clients into the vivid colorful world ! 
transparent backlit pet film


  • PET reflective film backlit paper LED panel Light used for TV backlit module flat panel light and ultra-thin light box, Show your advertisement and display your services in a noticeable effect.
  • The task of led light diffuser film backlit paper is to produce even brightness on the complete surface and to redirect as much light as possible towards the viewer. the backlit paper films are highly efficient with a transmittance up to 99% depending on the film type. 
  • This will give you a remarkable light intensity and optimal quality outputs to your printing.


  • How to print backlit paper film ?simple, use your own printer for jet ink backlit sign printing.
  • The backlit paper film sheet is specially designed for printing your images, no need to go to the printing shop, you can print it with your your own normal printer, like Canon, Epson, HP etc.
  • The backlit paper sizes available are A1, A2, A3, A4, A3 and A4 format are popular with user. those are suitable for backlit paper film light box, backlit paper material properties, movie poster box display, backlit paper movie poster, and movie light box.


backlit paper for window display



PET backlit paper

170 GSM(single side matte waterproof backlit paper) & 160GSM(double side matte backlit film )

Single-sided Matte and double-sided Matte

Fast Dry

Great for Indoor and Outdoor

Unparalleled Color Performance Capabilities

Unrivaled Flatness and Dimensional Stability

Size available: A3(297x420mm), A4(210x297mm), 8.5" x 11", 11" x 14"


Application: for backlit display frames, backlit photos and backlit sign printing.


Ink jet printing effect with backlit paper
laser printing effect with backlit paper
backlit paper effect when in light box

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Each led poster display will be packed like this:

100pcs/Box             5Boxes/Carton

Each carton with hard protective corner to well protect the carton during the transportation


Those illuminated poster acrylic frames will be delivered by boat, by air or by express service,

the package above 1CBM will be advised to be shipped by boat, normally by air or by express service.


Two "R" - "Repair" & "Replace"

As to the after sale service, our company will insist 2 "R",that is "repair" and "replace", for all our display, we supply 2-3years warranty, our engineer will supply you a detail guiding for you to self-check the product problem within 3days once get your detail problem report, most of them can better get resolved, if unlucky, we will replace it. and we will responsible for the shipping. we will not responsible for the problem that caused by any mistakes human making.

Guiding For Importing From China

If you are for the first time to import sth from China, not quite clear the import affairs, like the import tax and vat, please don't worry, our stuff will guide you, they will better help you with better service with their rich experience. if you are interesting in buying sth, and it is not in our website, please don't hesitate to contact with us, we are delight to be your buyer assistant in China.


Buying Guiding for Real Estate Window Led Display



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Digital Displays

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back with poster.


Support Android,Wifi


Dual orientation horizontal/vertical

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The LP-FIVE is an improvement of LP-TWO, with hidden side mounting hardware to hide the cable well on the edges of display and display all of LED panels on same column. hot selling points:

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3.Magnetic open system

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Sharp and stunning. The LP-ONE has an evenly illuminated beveled edge outlining its chrome border. hot selling points:

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