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At LED WINDOW DISPLAY, we have a professional team who hold the full production line from acrylic sheet choosing and cutting,LED guide plate silk screen printing, carving and polishing, reflective film sticking, hanging hardware accessory installing to carton packaging.  we customized to make and wholesale a wide range of affordable, innovative, well designed and personalized backlit window displays, led backlit poster images photo frames, digital displays, photo picture display board, wholesale pictures frames and illuminated signages for Real Estate offices, Retail store and shop, Department store,Travel Agency, Hair Salon, Banks, Shops and Shopping Malls. to show more creative photography ideas and creative picture hanging ideas.

With over 10 years of experience on manufacturing hanging crystal light window displays and signages and nearly 10 years Alibaba golden supplier, our team have helped tens and thousands clients from different industry to find best display solution and cheap black picture frames ideas for their products, services or brands.

With the wire hanging, led light and acrylic magnetic open system design, our backlit window displays are very hot selling in real estate field recent years, they have been the best replacements for the traditional window displays. those LED backlit display or LCD digital backlit displays can be cable suspended with cable wire, wall mounted, free-standing or portable.

Each custom LED posters frame displays and signs are going to satisfy with your unique requests and guarantees the best results possible for your site. we will help you to light up your listing advertisement and your brand through acrylic led light panel, each ultra slim led backlit panel will lighten up the content printing on backlit film, which will easy catch people's eye sight and guiding them to your stores and increasing your sales chance.

We ensure that we can meet your expectations totally and make sure that your new display window is fully installed at your most convenient.

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Our series of Real Estate Window Displays include Estate agent Backlit LED Window Display, Estate agent Digital Window Display, Real Estate Signs and Supplies, those ad display sign systems and estate agent display system and edge lit led panel light are not only as real estate listings for Real Estate agents window advertising and door posters, but also suitable as Shop window photo frame and led lighted board for Storefront displays and advertising, very easy displays window led installation. those displays and holders are gradually playing an important role in the wide range. it has been the best frames for posters.  the framing posters with backlit led is innovative in advertising filed. 

Such Cable and rod display systems with the backlit LED technology and clear plastic display frames, slide a graphic film on top of the backlit LED panel of transparent led window display, our Estate agent window displays borderless backlit acrylic light box can brightly light up the advertising framed poster as frameless backlit poster frame and sign box, and three times attract passer-by's eyeball , and lead them into your site to increase the site traffics.

Highly customizing the hanging systems and cable kit has made the illuminated kits backlit sign panels as the best cable window display systems, such LED sign board and panel light are widely used for a Corporate Office, Lobby, Hospital Building, Museum, Art Gallery, Exhibition, Real Estate Agency or Agent Property, Retail and Banks, those LED lighting lightboxes electronic display systems kits are effective to show posters, photos, paintings, graphics.

Up to now, we have provided more than 2000 worldwide agents and brokers with top quality Estate agent LED window displays for their residential business. our extensive line of 7000lux brightness led real estate window display and lcd digital signage window display will highly light up the image listing and spark the interest of people passing by on the street. thus to help to enhance local awareness of their real estate brand and services. Discover our product ranges below:

Estate Agent Backlit Cable Window Display Systems LED and Digital Window Display for Real Estate Agent




The innovative cable displays systems is patented and allows various size clear plastic panels to be interconnected in landscape and portrait formats. to form as interactive real estate window display systems, it is different from the touchpoint system real estate.



Illuminated real estate signs and Estate agent LED window backlit panels installed on cables as floating frame picture are the most popular storefront display ideas. it has been the best led window signs and led lights for window border.

Place the printing poster backlit film paper(sign paper) into each A3 double sided crystal light frame led backlit sign or A4 single sided led lighted acrylic sign holder that suspended with cable kits, the poster content in each sided acrylic led sign boxes(lighted real estate signs) will be brightly shown up, with led hanging back lit sparkle clear crystal display frame, those floating frame led panel displays will easy to attract more attention to your window graphics from potential customers passing by.

Your backlit led illuminated signs light panels will look professional in daylight and stunning at night. those ceiling(window) hanging acrylic crystal interactive real estate window displays and signs will form a special led hanging window vision and make your office stand out of others. 


  • Each illuminating window light box cable hanging led light pocket is designed with single side magnetic open system or two sides magnetic open system to make the led board simple to change the images,  just simply slide your window graphics films into the single sided or double sided wire hanging acrylic led poster frame image holder through the openings located at the top of each magnetic display. graphics Images are secured with a built-in magnet feature within the frame as hanging photo. 
  • Each shop front led poster folder photo display is illuminated with 12-volt low-voltage current flows through 1.5mm display cable that suspend the a3 or a4 or a5 backlit LED acrylic poster holders in the window. such led sign board is safe to touch and does not generate heat, one of best signage solutions.
  • How to install those office systems photo led estate agent window displays? Easy to install, Suspension cables can be mounted: frame-to-frame, ceiling-to-floor, wall-to-wall, or with a window fixings ballast kit.
  • Custom making, the illuminated real estate sign acrylic pockets can be round electronic real estate signs and other shapes real estate brokerage signs window light box.
  • Air shipping door to door without shop cart.
  • Can produce long picture frame as banner display.very modern picture frame available.

Find out our cable window displays models below:

A4 A3 Hanging Acrylic Real Estate Agent Led Holder Illuminated Poster Frame Window Led Sign Display

Hot Selling



2019 new Christmas a3 a4 Real Estate window display ideas cable acrylic window signage door signs led frame wholesale



Easy Hang

banner hanging system








full rgb led display



Such backlit board led sign frames board will have a different name due the diversity usages. it is great window displays for

  • Real Estate Office Windows
  • Banks Windows
  • Retail Storefront Windows
  • Healthcare Windows
  • Store Windows in Malls
  • Travel Agency Windows
  • Display your:

  • Listings
  • Posters
  • Ads
  • Photos
  • Documents
  • Signs
  • Photo Poster hanging ideas
  • Creative poster board ideas
  • In order to make you well know it, we now list some popular name to clear it. it usually be used for

    1. Real estate office windows as estate agent window displays, real estate window display frames, real estate agent window display signs, led real estate displaysacrylic led light box,real estate sign lights,real estate or real estate cable display systems,real estate window display system,estate agent picture frame,due this display is usually used in the interior of real estate office as an important office systems.illuminated window display estate agents for interior design,personalized square unique wall photo frames, estate agent oversized photo frames, estate agent poster display, estate agent store display ideas, estate agent storefront display ideas, estate agent displays.

    2.Bank windows as led electric sign, custom led open signs, led display panels, bulk led poster frames, custom backlit floating poster frames, led backlit photo frame, single or double acrylic magnetic photo frame, led backlit signs, led sign panels, back lit led sign, led display box, led lighted panels, lighted store signs, picture poster board,hobby lobby poster frames with edge lit, art display panels, plastic light panels, led backlit panels.

    3.Retail storefront windows as window led signs, window light led, backlit picture frames in landscape or in portrait , floating picture frame, box lighted signs, hanging display box, led real estate signs, led welcome sign, led window display signs.

    4.Healthycare windows as lighted display, hanging acrylic frame, window card display. it also names office window displays, office interiors, cable window display kits, modern magnetic photo frames.

    A3 double sided landscape acrylic led window display is famous size, it is the key size during the estate agent display systems, those perspex window displays are connected with cables as a column, it looks likes window flyer holders to keep the picture on.  those acrylic led window display picture holders are not plastic material window display frames, but just window display pockets be wired as wire cable window display systems.

    new real estate lcd window display




    The innovative cable digital displays systems is patented and sunlight readable!  it fits well all our models of LED window displays, allow various size LED window displays and digital signage display to be interconnected . to form as interactive real estate window display systems, it is different from the touchpoint system real estate.

    2019 Real Estate Window Lcd Display

    new real estate lcd window display


    Estate agent digital display screen backlit sign screen installed on windows via cable suspension system are revolutionary invention of estate agents displays of this year.it is led-backlit lcd display, this digital window displays screen turn your statics window graphics image listings into dynamic and vivid video.

    Those digital advertising screens are sunlight readable digital notice board with high light nits when people stand outside of your showcase. such digital display board is not outdoor waterproof digital signage, can not standalone outside.

    Such small digital photo display board is for indoor commercial digital signage display advertising. can vertical hang or portrait hang together as interactive digital display window vision for advertisement.

    Android control system with digital display software. also with USB port there. inner with excellent LG commercial displays monitors and backlit display technology, it is really a very good visual merchandising tool as commercial display tv and perfect digital signage solutions.


    • Via the digital display software, the digital advertising display screens can show dynamic and vivid video, to multi-face and multi-angle introduce and show the house to be sold.
    • Customers can intuitively see the house content via the digital signage display, those digital posters can help them to judge whether it is the house they want to buy without having to go to the house site.
    • Supply people more choices and strengthen customer buying intentions. through real estate digital window posters and commercial display monitors, they can watch more house advertising for comparing and consider.
    • Through the digital signages and digital window display screens, the customer does not have to go to the site, which reduces the number of times the salesperson takes the customer to the site to view the room, they can save more time and energy to develop new customers, thereby increasing sales.
    • Digital advertising display screens and signage display bring greater efficiency.
    • There are small digital display board and large digital displays. the smaller size for commercial display tv is 15" and 22", inner with the digital signage software for smart tv, the large format display sizes are 43", 55" and 65", those large led display boards are types of digital signage with high definition display technology and digital menu board software, are cloud based and web based concerto digital signage, it is the real digital signage solutions.
    • What is digital display? it can show advertising and display advertising guide. indoor led signs, also can be scrolling led display. can be large led display board for display ads on google or advertising explained. they are web based digital signage open source.




    The innovative wall mounted backlit displays systems is patented and allows various size panels to be with 2pcs A4/A3, 4pcs A4/A3, 6pcs A3, 8pcs A4. to form as multi-visual led light pockets.

    2 A3 landscape wall mount led light box
    Floor Free Stand Real Estate Led Light pocket




    The innovative estate agent floor-standing LED window displays is easy to move and easy to change the posters,  the backlit picture easel stand can be put to any place to advertise your service and brand to increase more traffics for your store.


    Estate agent Illuminated exhibition photo display stand was designed with easel stand on the floor, as shop floor display stands or pop-up exhibition clear display stands and floor free standing sign holder, it is for indoor usage, the led lights is designed to light up your printing signs! that is great difference with the normal picture easel stand or exhibition stand. the estate agent floor display is true led floor free standing display. the free-standing led backlit display is a bold way to pass your message to passers-by, illuminated acrylic signs with standoffs seems more sparkle and attractive, thus enhance your brand information. This illuminated flyer display stand creates a clear picture and generate a lot of traffic.

    Such estate agent picture display stand body is iron material outside with electroplated technology, the sign display stand bottom added cast iron to keep the floor display stand more stable, a creative poster board stand or a poster sign holder stand for signage.

    Except for above flooring display stands, we still produce a new innovative frame stand and stand up poster board with led light. this free standing display is composed by steel rods and acrylic display stand base. such display board stand can show double side standoffs signs backlit folders. those folders can be hung in portrait, as well as in landscape. really a very perfect lighted display stand and standing signage.


    • The illuminated picture poster display stands is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of media. a4 landscape display stand is most popular floor signs stands.
    • Each acrylic light box holder is equipped with a light bulb so that your advertisement or graphics will be backlit and even visible in the dark to attract the attention of the customer.
    • These floor signage stands are easy to move, and acrylic display stands are ideal for placement in the hall or near the entrance as advertising stand display stand to educate the guests about the services and products available without hindering them.
    • Backlit floor signage tv poster stands are fascinating advertising devices that immediately attract attention.
    • Use any of these free standing notice board and standoff signs or light boxes will stand out from traditional and uninteresting signage.
    • Magnetic plexiglass display stands is designed with magnetic poster displays, easy to change the posters. it is very idea lighted plastic display stand.
    • The hot selling is a4 poster sign display stands.
    • Such standing file holders with backlit led has been the best real estate displays.

    Hot Seller




    Hot Seller






    The innovative tablet stands backlit displays is the best tablet stand suitable to put on the table for advertising your brands, products and services.

    Desktop acrylic led light box


    The clear acrylic tablet holder also names backlit sign holder or acrylic desk sign holder, Estate agent led backlit picture poster holder has a unique structure that distinguishes it from the old version table stand image display. the small folding table portable signs with" 2 legs "table easel at back of acrylic tabletop sign holder, this kind of tablet kiosk stand is made of aluminum alloy material, around 10-15cm long, one side was machining screw thread, which can be screwed tightly with the screw nut that has been installed on the short side of table menu holder or on the long side of clear plastic table top display boards. that is to say the plastic table top signs can be put in portrait or in landscape on the table as a square frameless desk picture frames.

    Place the tablet stands and holders illuminated display in the lobby or reception area to show important information, the acrylic countertop sign holders will easy to attract people's attention. those displays holders will increase the chance that reach a business.

    Such portable light box sign be widely used as Restaurant menu holders, Restaurant signs,Restaurant table top displays, Real Estate agent office reception sign (signage) on reception desks counters for diversity reception desks ideas, portable sign stands and plexiglass table top display boards for travel agency office, Table top signs and tablet holders for hair salon, The best tablet stands and backlit display tablets for Banks, portable tablet signs for Inns, table menu holders for Bistro, such table top easel and table top sign holder also be widely used at shopping mall counters as tabletop sign holders. the contents on the backlit tablet display stand can sooner attract people sight.


    • This portable table top display light box is made of led clear acrylic panels with led lights, ultra thin tabletop light box.
    • Each acrylic tabletop display is designed with polished light edges and modern look design as table menu stand, which will easy attract pass-by attention.
    • These acrylic tabletop signs have a small footprint and occupy very little space on the counter or table.
    • The combination of modern design and low price makes these tablet display stand or table stand sign holders very helpful! a very good table display ideas.

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    Desktop backlit window display frame

    Hot Seller

    Backlit Paper for Innovative real estate led window displays acrylic poster frames




    Such PET backlit film paper is very suitable for the led window display. Support both laser printer and ink jet printer.


    Backlit film paper for estate led window display


    Window led display backlight paper, also known as backlit paper, backlit film paper, it is some kind of PET Backlit Film for backlit film printing as backlit photo paper for all kind of led light box. such backlit printing is very high definition backlight film, the best printing material for backlit signs.
    From the packing, there have wide format paper and narrow format, the wide one usually be packed as backlit paper roll, and the narrow format can be cut into A4 A3 sizes backlit movie posters.
    From the appearance, such backlit film material looks like transparency photo printing and transparency LED light box film, transparency film.but very good for estate agents window displays.
    From the price, cheap backlit film only around 100g paper, very transparency. not very good showing effect for acrylic displays, above 160g backlit film printing are proved to the best effect backlit graphics due the different backlighting techniques.such backlit film for light box are very good, can show a vivid window estate agency displays.


    • Such light boxes film is a kind of backlit film printing materials using special coating on PET to achieve printing features.
    • Matte finish, can be used as backlit & front lit film, suitable for dye ink, pigment ink, solvent and eco-solvent, UV ink.
    • The backlight paper allows you to print-out your ads easily, and guarantees impeccable results each time.
    • Our Backlight paper can print fancy picture frame and float glass picture frame to ensure their impact.
    • Our backlit film can help you with best film posters.


    We have served both big brands and small
    business, with consistent quality

    Led Window Display has served the Real Estate
    Industry and others since 2009, during the past
    10years, Window Display is proud of it reputation
    for professionalism, quality and service,  having
    worked with some of top firms.


    Our clients loves our window display!

    This real estate office window consist of 2 x5pcs A4  led light pockets in portrait on each side of windows and 2 x 5pcs A4 in landscape in the center. the mixture of sizes helped to create a stylish look.
    "The quality of the real estate window led displays and finish of horizontal rod were superior to what we had  previously. I was extremely grateful that everything from this supplier happened exactly as discussed from the quality of the design, costing, scheduling and delivery. the project run better than I expected." 
    Russel O'Porke
    Market Manager, Dogan Properties
    This cable window display system consists of 4sets combination of 2x4pcsA3 real estate window displays and 1pc banner Led, and  which now allows for a clear view into the interior and a stunning exterior display.
    "Everything went fine, They look amazing, our new office stands out at night better than any of others agents on the street, I am extremely happy with the displays and will definitely use display again when we open our next office."
    Sergey Sinyugin 
    Director,Estate-Spain Properties 
    We chose a combination of sizes and compact designs, which included A4 portrait,A3 landscape and double with A4 pockets.
    "Thanks for supplying me the high quality led folders, extremely pleased with those folders, looking forward to making another order from you, all the best to your company! please say thanks to all of your staff who worked hard for this order, we will order again in future new offices.”
    James Chan
    Develop manager, WYE Residential

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